Ken Jacobs Works & Words
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Looking forward to a world without money. The depths of Eternalisms are best apprehended when seen with a single eye.

MoMA made a free pass available to my Williamsburg, Brooklyn high school. The paintings and lectures and films were a revelation. As was the garden; so sane. The movies L’ATALANTE and ZERO FOR CONDUCT, CITY LIGHTS, and GREED determined the course of my life. The draft was on, costing me two years of development, but back in NY (and in poverty) I saw a painting by Hans Hofmann and he became another turning point. He taught the indicating of depth! My film interests, though, took me beyond indication and into depth-illusion. A sin (“You must respect the picture-plane.”) but illusion increasingly absorbed me.

Learning history has been no fun. STAR SPANGLED TO DEATH was an answer, some other pieces, but these days as an old guy I decry less (though SEEKING THE MONKEY KING wasn’t all that long ago) and stick with invention more, doing what I can.  

KJ 12.25.18

attendance sheet, Hans Hofmann School of Painting